Social Media Consultant

Orange illustrated its partnership with Euro 2012 through a few digital campaigns. One of them was The Supporters' Cup, focusing the attention on those who make this event full of passion: the supporters

All Europeans could express their passion through a mobile app recording their passion during a game. A few games enabled all Europeans to team up and try to get their tickets to the Opening Match and the Final


Work Done

  • Provided ready-to-be-used Supporters' Cup content to 16 Orange Community Managers across 16 European countries, so their local communities could enter the Supporters' Cup. As they had no pressure to publish content and CTA, this content had to be both qualitative and customisable/localizable
  • Created 
  • Held a little informal competition between Community Manager, in order to put an incentive to publish Supporters' Cup content: the Community Managers' Cup
  • Provided Orange with Europe-wide weekly reporting (before, during and after the UEFA Euro 2012)

I worked closely with teams at MNSTR and at Orange, globally and locally (16 countries), as well as Orange's local agencies, including Marcel and Havas Sports for France



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