Social Media Consultant

The French public was feeling disconnected from its National football players. Nike's aim was to rekindle and nurture the relationship between the team and their fans in order to create some interest for the newest collection.

AKQA Paris decided to tie back that bond by offering fans the opportunity to share their passion with the team, regardless of its results, through messages of support on a mobile platform.

Nike printed many on pairs of laces that fans could wear. A few fans were able to meet the players and give them the laces. This way, some players have been on the pitch with those messages tied to their shoes.


Work done

  • Been the Social voice of Nike Football France during the En Bleu et Contre Tout campaign (5 weeks)
  • Pushed support messages during physical events, between the games with exclusive content, live during the games
  • Participated in organising some meet-ups between fans and players

I worked closely with teams at AKQA Paris and Nike France


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